Here are common questions associated with steel frame homes, and our company sales process.

Q. Is it cheaper to build with steel than wood?

A. A common misconception is that it is “cheaper” to build with steel. The upfront costs of steel purchases are generally higher than wood, but there are some significant savings in other areas including mortgage insurance premiums, which in some areas have been up to 40% less.

Q. What is included in my steel frame package?


Q. What gauge material do you build with?

A. We use 24 – 16 gauge material according to specs of the plan we are building.

Q. How far will you travel?

A. We will ship a steel frame package anywhere in the lower 48 states, shipping is additional and costs will vary depending on mileage.

Q. Do you build the house?

A. Our company can offer turn key construction up to a 60 mile radius from Kerrville TX. Beyond 60 miles and it is no longer cost effective for us to provide this service for you. You should have a local contractor that works with local subs to ensure a quality product and reasonable price.




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